PCA Poker Charity towards HIV AIDS Research

admin 09/02/2018

AfaPoker featured 2011 poker tourneys schedules that every gaming players surely awaiting. Considering the new year opens, its very own good to know why PokerStars Carribean Adventure quite possibly prepare for its 2012 tournaments which is one of the spectacular event schedule of year that prioritize poker volunteer.

The 2011 PokerStars Carribbean Adventure (PCA) will go from January 7 16, 2011 at Atlantis Turn and Casino in Usually the Bahamas. Hosted by PokerStars, PCA is the once-a-year live festival of on-line poker that players of Poker stars can qualify online. Correct with the real associated with fundraising event for charity organizations, PokerStars had partnered with amfAr to variety a charity event together with this PokerStars Caribbean Trip Festival of Poker.

AmfAR is founded as part of 1985 which aims to separate the global AIDS plague through innovative research. They travel towards HIV/ AIDS web research for global breakthroughs offers invested almost $290 squillion in its mission even 2,000 research grants also been awarded to teams around the globe. To keep their charity end up in going further, fundraising can be a necessity. This give in order to the plan of AmfAr co-hosting a poker tourney with PokerStars Caribbean Voyage which is an proficient source of revenue.

2010 PokerStars Caribbean Voyage is a success. Sent over ten days on action last year 2010, the tournament was took part with PokerStars qualifiers in addition to biggest names of poker online pros and celebrity gambling players. From the Joined States, Harrison Gimbel succeeded the Main Event but took home $2,200,000. The actual a tough winning though, since he pushed her poker skills against 1,500 players that had got into the tournament. Celebrity texas hold’em players like Slash, Nelly, Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole, Montel Williams, and Kelly felix Rowland had brought you see, the entertainment last year.

Again this year, 2011, PokeStars Carribean Adventure frameworked the exciting schedules for the tournament. Team PokerStars perform this year includes on line poker pro Daniel Negreanu and even Vanessa Rousso, tenis tale Boris Becker and French people player Sebastian Chabal. Poker stars sponsored sports stars similarly to NHL star and Tangles Sundin will also sign up the team. As the things expected in PCA 2011, it surely be a celeb turn out. Better consult and follow if you are interested.

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